Belvedere Art Space | John Clement Newsletter

26 May - 2020

“The mere act of creativity in these times is a statement of defiance” – John Clement


Sculpture is a unique art form that appeals strongly and directly to both tactile and visual sensibilities. John Clement, A very well established artist from Brooklyn, NY has not only created bold and vivid three-dimensional forms, but has also provoked the spectator to reflect about the space through the cavities of his artworks.   


John Clement bends stainless steel into exotic curvilinear structures engrossed on crucial questions of movement and line. He employs his signature motif of spiraling tubes of steel, coated in bright primary and secondary colors that evoke the baroque filigrees and curves of the Italian Renaissance. Varying in size from a few inches tall to a monumental scale, his sculptures may loop around several times or bend into a straight line such that each reveals a new expressive and minimal gesture.


John is an international artist with artworks in Australia, Korea, China, Italy, France, Germany and all over North America and Canada. He says: “ From what I can tell the sun is always shining on one of my works..”