Belvedere Art Space | Flore Newsletter

10 Mar - 2020

Street Art is usually identified by traces, texts or images displayed on buildings, streets and other publicly viewed surfaces as a way to make a collective statement. Our American artist, Christopher Florentino, also known as Flore, redirects Graffiti unto the canvas to convey his personal thoughts, feelings and experiences in the most energetic compositions and vibrant hues.


Taking a closer look into Flore’s artwork, we find language as the most imposing element. He has a very clever word play that forces viewers to interact and reflect. Upon nearer observation, we notice cartoon eyes that are rapidly scribbled expressing different emotions. Through his images, Flore links with history of art through radiant symbols linking with Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and George Condo. We also find evident his love of mid-century modern design through his use of dynamic colors like Green, Orange, Pink and Blue.


Flore is an emerging artist, always innovating and reinventing himself. His artworks are found in many galleries and art fairs all around the US and has a very notable collectors’ list like Keith Haring museum, Beyonce, Connor Mcdavid, Audemars Piguet and many more.