" Harmony "

21 Jun - 2019

Belvedere Art Space is delighted to invite you to “Harmony”, our second exhibition of leading international contemporary artists. The show celebrates contemporary art in its finest form and introduces yet another group of talented new names to the region. “Harmony” is a carefully curated show featuring paintings and sculptures which highlight the different artists’ fascinating, confident and bold relationships with space, color, light and shape. The works prompt different interpretations from its viewers while pushing the boundaries on every level.  The result is always a unique sense of harmony that ignites all of the senses.


Dan Baldwin is an artist at the forefront of the Young British Artist movement. Coming from the same school as Banksy and The Chapman Brothers, he has quietly built a reputation to match. He is well known for his kaleidoscopic paintings featuring a mixture of sinister and innocent imagery. Today, Baldwin exhibits globally and is an established figure in the contemporary art world.


Danni Pantel is a young emerging artist from Berlin who works with oil, lacquer and charcoal on large scale canvases. The main focus of her work lies in her fascination and interest in recreating wide vast body movements using a bold interplay between color and form.


John Clement is a sculptor and a student of such acclaimed artists as Marc di Suvero and John Henry.  Clement’s geometric work follows a similar tradition of large-scale Constructivist-inspired sculpture while constantly breaking the boundaries and playing by his own rules.  His work juxtaposes a variety of playing steel coils and arcs that, layered on top of one another, take on a life of their own.


Matt Devine is a self-taught sculptor working with steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze. The contrasts of nature and industry, light and shadow, chaos and order are themes found throughout Devine’s body of work. Organic shapes are formed out of sheet and solid materials and welded together in harmonious accord, often allowing the metal to appear as light as paper.


Shyglo who is born and raised in Toronto, resides in the US where he spends his time between New York and Miami. Shyglo's combining of his photorealistic oil paintings combined with his love of making neon signs has quickly made him known in the art world for his unique style.


Simafra is a young, award-winning Italian artist who started painting professionally in 2000, and has since become a much sought-after artist amongst private collectors and celebrities. He is one of the contemporary art scene’s most popular rising stars, and is known for his diverse creative process. His works are deep with layers of rich colors imbued with gold. Many looking at his work see and recognize the influence of Klimt.


 “Harmony” is ongoing until August 1st.

Opening hours Monday till Saturday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM