Ismael Lagares Newsletter

06 Sep - 2021
Ismael Lagares is a young Spanish artist with a great projection on the national and international art scene. Using color as a language to his viewer's soul, he always fascinates his audience and evokes feelings of positivity, happiness and wonder. 
Due to his experimental methodology, he has a vibrant and exciting touch that enters fully into abstraction. Paint runs freely over his linens, like an uncontrolled aesthetic dance. Color is one of the most outstanding elements in his work where he acquires a fresh and luminous palette. Hues that create spaces inviting you to explore and be carried away by visual sensations. Not only the color is the protagonist, but also the material load and unique technique. He plays with the pictorial density of his works, where heavy masses of paint coexist with soft brush strokes, creating a fragile and resounding scene. Moreover, he has a brilliant use of medium that creates diverse types of texture within a single surface.
Ismael’s artworks have been a part of many luxurious private collections and museums such as the Contemporary Museum of Art in Barcelona and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum of Madrid. He has also exhibited at ARCO, Art Madrid, MACO and Art Lima.