belvedere art space | Olivia Steele

29 Mar - 2021

“My art is not about what I see… It’s about what I invite you to see.”


Contemporary light artist Olivia Steele has earned an international reputation for her spirited public neon happenings. Always symbolic and sometimes irreverent, Olivia creates neon statements that suspend time and motion, in often surrealistic environments. From historic landmarks to listed building facades in London to barren beach roads in Mexico and to the skylines of America, Olivia's provocative statements have become beacons throughout many cities.


Using the traditional medium of neon to form her striking expressions, Olivia creates short, punctuated truths that are aesthetically mesmerizing. With the use of captivating colors like baby blue and salmon rose, she creates countless avenues for contemplation. Her intelligent and genuine depiction of words have an absolutely resonating effect on the viewer.


“I'm attracted to certain words or phrases and it depends on where I am in my struggle.”


One of the most compelling artists working in her field today, Olivia Steele has pioneered a new breed of conscious art. Her expansive career has seen her impart fragments of handwritten wisdom and wit all over the globe, from Berlin to Beirut, Miami to Mumbai - in the form of site-specific land art and indoor installation with her signature illuminated sentiments. A few of the art shows that Olivia has participated in are Scope Art Fair, Art Basel, Berlin Art week, Vienna Fair and Cornell Museum.