belvedere art space | Matt Devine

08 Dec - 2020

Matt Devine, a self-taught artist, is one of the finest innovators in contemporary sculpture at the United States. Through intensive artistic research, he has developed a signature sculpture style that is both bold and captivating. His works are best described as diverse, vibrant, and outstanding.


The freedom of having no rules or boundaries with sculpture has always been the most appealing to Matt. The contrasts of nature and industry, light and shadow, order and disorder are the main themes found throughout his body of work. He is drawn to the immediacy, speed, and strength of working with metal. He creates seemingly weightless and gravity-defying metal sculptures out of steel, aluminum, and bronze. The harmonious sculptures are characterized by clean lines in homage to mid-century minimalism. His use of color runs within the Pop Art genre. Vibrant yellow, red and blue to natural renditions of black, warm bronze and ethereal white. Whether wall mounted or free standing, the use of shadow play is elemental in his overall compositions, which form a delicate balance between control and chaos.


Matt’s sculptures are on display at highly regarded art galleries across North America, Asia, and Europe. His works can be found in a myriad of private, corporate, and public art collections on all five continents.