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03 Nov - 2020

Jonathan Paul, also known as Desire Obtain Cherish (DOC), is one of the most thought-provoking pop sculptors in USA. He is best known for intelligently combining street, pop, and conceptual art. A graduate from the nationally acclaimed Parson’s School of Design, DOC, is a contemporary artist that creates controversial artworks exploring modern desires and obsessions with gender, drugs, commerce, media, and fame.

Meant to have an impact on the audience, DOC employs sarcasm to tackle and provoke society’s value system. Using diverse mediums and vibrantly colorful materials, he amuses the viewer while delivering satirical messages in the most seductive packages. He is well recognized for the lollipop-shaped sculptures of his Meltdown series.

With an unusual fervor amid art collectors and the public, DOC today is one of the best-known American artists with his marketing-driven ideas and artistic style. With more than 100 articles published about him and 40 solo and collective exhibitions, we are absolutely honored to have his artworks in our gallery.