Born in Beirut in 1983, Ihad Ahmad graduated in Visual Communication Art from the Lebanese University. He also took part in several workshops in silkscreen printing, painting and drawing.

In 2016 he founded  "Beirut Art Studio", a space dedicated to teaching art to children and adults.

Ihab's work is diverse. In addition to acrylic and collage on canvas, he creates metal and wood sculptures with a contemporary flare. Ihab developed a symbiotic relationship with his intriguing natural symbols such as fish, eyes, trees, and man-made symbols like patterns and geometric forms, all of which emerged as an intense and bright abstraction. This connection is entrenched in his determination to defy his childhood memories of war. His joyful art and affinity with color became a refuge as well as a powerful message of optimism. Every work has the potential to reveal the artist’s psyche and ultimately transcends it. The symbols elaborated on his canvas trigger  the imagination of the viewer, a dialogue with the surreal, and an open ended horizon of contemplation and decoding.

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