Suraj Adekola (b. 1983)



  Suraj is one of the leading African - Nigerian artists with an international repute. He attended Auchi Art School and graduated in 2007. He has sustained a full time studio practice since then with several  major  solo exhibitions.

Suraj's works emphasis the idea of human impact in the world. His current work focuses on daily activities and settings of his immediate environment, such as the representation of market scenes and rooftops, this is a characteristic of many developing nations, these scenes are often clustered yet never defy unity. He explores the relationship between the characters and their environment, and between the colors that made up both features. He uses the formal elements and principles of art harmoniously, such as textures, values, balance, spaces, and unity sparingly to create a sense of appeal to the viewer. Nevertheless, He uses it to indicate how unity is important to achieve a better living in the world. This has been the basis of his studio practice for twelve years. Within this period, his works have been on display in more than a hundred homes, and have been exhibited in the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.


In 2017, Suraj was listed among the TOP FIFTY Nigerian artists by turnover at African Art Auctions. His works have been featured at Piasa African contemporary art auction in Paris, Bonham's African art auction in London, also some more art auctions in Portugal, Switzerland, and Nigeria.

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