Dylan Gebbia Richards (b.1992)



Colorado-based artist Dylan Gebbia-Richards creates three-dimensional, multicolored paintings that look like they’ve been created by an otherworldly volcanic eruption. Each rugged work is created using colored pigment and droplets of melted wax that, when applied, create unruly patterns and textures that jut out from the canvas.


Each piece looks like alien terrain from a distant planet, where the land is made of fluorescent molten rock. However, Richard finds inspiration in our own planet, and the natural microcosms found within. The artist explains, “My work is formed by the same physical laws which dictate how desert bluffs erode, blood vessels branch from the heart, and uplift creates mountains.” From room-sized installations to smaller canvases, Richard’s work varies in size, but all of his creations engulf the viewer in his magical worlds.

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