Born and raised in Toronto, Shyglo currently resides in the US where he spends his time between New York and Miami. Originally starting off his career as a graffiti artist and seeing his works painted over, he decided to transform his talents into fine art.


Shyglo has combined his love for neon glass bending with his passion of hyper realistic oil paintings to create these unique one of a kind paintings that are being shown in the gallery. He paints portraits of iconic figures who have played a roll in his life as well as animals which have been a long time love of his.  Once the painting is complete, the feeling Shyglo gets from it is then put into neon glass in the form of a word and placed over the face. 


Shyglo’s combination makes him unique in the art world. His work can be seen in galleries and art fairs around the world including Buzz Art Auction, Scope Art Fair Miami and Scope Art NYC.

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